The Land Trust partners with the community to protect the places people cherish most through four conservation initiatives for protecting land people cherish most:  Natural Lands, Parks for People, Working Lands, Land & Water and Permanent Preserve Network.

Our Impact:

  • Over 53,000 acres protected – 10% of Napa County - in 35years and nearly 150 projects:
  • 122 Conservation Agreements donated by over 80 property owners (properties stay in private ownership, but the Land Trust holds the land conservation agreement)
  • 18 properties transferred to resource agencies (properties have been transferred to such agencies as Fish & Game and State Parks)
  • 24 properties protected through ownership by the Land Trust (properties which are eventually transferred or become Permanent Preserves owned by the Land Trust)
  • 21,819  Acres under Land Conservation Agreements
  • 24,649  Acres transferred to State and Local Agencies
  • 6,670   Acres owned by the Land Trust
  • 53,138  Acres currently protected = 10% of the county
  • 9 Permanent Preserves including the Connolly Ranch Environmental Education Center

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Protected Lands of Napa County